Millets – Varagu rice/Kodo rice – Benefits

The healthy open secrets behind Varaghu rice consumptions are:

Varagu rice is gluten-free and packed with vitamins and minerals.

High in Nutrition which is good for children.

High fiber content.

Varagu rice helps hydrate your colon to keep your system regular and keep you from being constipated.

Digestion friendly.

Rich in photochemical, phytic acid, which lowers cholesterol, and phytate, and that helps in reduction of cancer risks.

High antioxidant activity.

Vargu Rice helps in controlling Blood sugar and Cholesterol.

Great energy source especially good for athletes.

Complete protein source when combined with legumes – ideal for a vegetarian diet.

Varagu rice consumption decreases Triglycerides and C-Reactive Protein.

Serotonin in the Millet calms and soothes the moods.

Varagu rice acts as a Prebiotic feeding microflora in your inner ecosystem

Millet is full of nutrients your body needs, such as:

Magnesium,Fiber,Antioxidants,Tryptophan,Phoshorus,Calcium, Vitamin B and Maganese


– takes very less time to cook.

– takes less water to cultivate. For varagu rice it takes 4000 litres of water to grow one kilogram of rice whereas Millets grow without irrigation.

– By default it is grown as organic by nature and naturally it saves farmers from buying pesticides as it is pest resistant .

– A kg of millets is cheaper than a kg of oats. The biggest benefit is for our country as our country imports and consumes lot of oats as it is high fibre and nutritous food.

– And last but not the least, it fights diabetes and obesity.

One small piece of info – Varagu rice has lots of nutritional values but it also creates body heat. It is better to eat in less frequency especially during summer.

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