Why Krishna adorns a peacock feather in his crown?

Krishna wears a peacock feather in his crown. This feather adds beauty to the existing charismatic and divine appearance, and there are legends behind the peacock feather in Krishna’s crown. The reason behind this peacock feather is the enchanting dance that Krishna danced with the peacocks one day.

One day, Krishna surrounded by his cowherd friends in the forest started playing his flute. When Krishna blew his divine breath into a flute, the most melodious music emerged from it. On hearing the sweet music from the flute, the peacocks were mesmerised and started dancing with happiness. Krishna glanced at them and encouraged them with sweet smile. The peacocks became excited and jumped up and down, flapping their wings. And Krishna also started dancing with them.

With tears of joy, the king of peacocks then dropped many beautiful feathers as offerings. Krishna lovingly picked up the peacock’s offering and to everybody’s joy, placed a few on his crown.

Krishna’s peacock feather

· It is very rare in nature. The eyes in the feathers are seen on both the sides, which commonly do not occur. The feather has extraordinary powers, which gives hypnotizing powers to the wearer.

· When one worships Krishna with the feathers on his crown, one is blessed with auspiciousness, wealth, health and transcendent knowledge.

· It is a symbol of beauty and knowledge. The eye in the feather represents the divine wisdom or the third eye of Krishna. It helps one attain the supreme knowledge of the self. It symbolically states that wisdom of the mind and love of the heart makes one existence whole and for this blessed state, it is very important to worship the Lord adorned with his feathers.

· The feather protects one from evil eye and destroys all negativity like anger, greed, jealousy and removes poisons.

· The feathers stand for beauty, richness in life, felicity and joy. The dark colors in it stand for sorrow, sadness and the bright colors for happiness, symbolizing that life comes with both happiness and sorrow and when one worships Krishna with peacock feather; one attains equanimity of mind, accepts life and learns to surrender to the lord.

· The brightness of the feather is due to the presence of barbules that help reflect light and Krishna`s pankh have barbules on both sides making it highly divine in nature. The barbules help the colors to shimmer and different hues appear at different angles.

· The feathers have thousand eyes, which symbolize as a vault of heaven and eyes of stars and it`s iridescent coloring is a gift from Lord Indra as an act of compassion to the bird.

· They also have the power to do away bad influences of the planets. Grace of both Radha and Krishna descends on worshipping this form of Krishna.

· The peacock feather has 7 colours, it symbolises seven qualities of Krishna, which are Ideal, simplicity, peace, truth, love, politeness and friendship.

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